What to Wear When The Invite Says “Merry Christmas”

Christmas is near, and invitation cards are arriving every day. Your whole family is busy selecting decorations, party themes, and food recipes. And in the midst of all those preparations, ladies are concerned about what to wear on the most awaited celebration of the year. Well, I can relate to all those worries; after all, it’s Christmastime. For almost all the women, the two common options are something very dazzling or very comfy when it comes to dressing. But, none of them want to dress up dull. None of them want that cheesy sweater look while they also want to keep themselves warm. So, the challenge is undoubtedly big! 

But, what’s common is- a decent appearance! All the ladies crave for that one clean look they were planning for last many days. Your Le smoking suit or that little black dress is always on for that party look. But come on! It’s Christmas- the most exciting winter festival of the year. And there’s no better time for you to rock a party look with some sparkle and vibrant colors. From leather dresses to pink jackets, here are some outfit ideas that will give you a completely new look this festive season. 

Le Pink Suit

Don’t think it’s extra, because it’s extraordinary. It’s in fashion! It’s more about feeling confident than expensive in that party’s crowd. I know you’ve heard of Le black suits and pink seems very appealing and fancy to you. But, don’t doubt it, you’re going to rock every second with this dress.

Neat and clean hair doe with bare skin and pink Versace- can’t you imagine how boldly you’re going to carry it? This festive season, try something different and if you think the whole pink look is not for you- switch the bottoms with your fab jeans and feel all the beautiful vibes.

Middy Dress

All holiday parties are fancy. And a simple pick by you can uplift your entire presence in the gleaming lights. Team up with your Christmas tree theme and buy yourself a middy dress with some stary prints. With this, you’ll get that gorgeous look you were looking for and feel confident for the night ahead. If you want to make it more classy, coordinate it with a pair of good block heels. For staying warm, you can wrap it up with a faux-fur coat as well. 

Sequin Top

What makes any festive party effortless? Good pair of strappy sandals, a sequin top with highlighting sleeves and a pencil skirt, Yesss!! If you’re hosting a party at your home, the entire combo is the solution for all your outfit questions. Being a host, a smart and elegant choice is something you need the most. So, choose a glittering sequin top and win the style game while staying comfortable. Finish the entire look with smokey eyes and a clean pony-tail. And yes, get ready for the compliments. 


Whether you wrap yourself in the belted jumpsuit or one-shoulder jumpsuit, make sure you carry it like a boss. For short ladies, this idea works most aptly. I’m pretty sure most of the ladies will pick one-shoulder look for them to justify the style sense. However, if you want to refuse the colors for this festival season, dress up in a black belted jumpsuit. Complete both the looks with PVC pump and loose hair. Feel easy, feel comfortable, and dance your heart out in that office party scenes. 

Shimmery Long Maxi Skirt

Ah! This one is really classy, comfortable, and elegant at the same time. And please don’t think twice when it comes to this option. You cannot go wrong with a golden shimmer long maxi skirt in any party. To accentuate it more, team it up with a luxe cashmere turtleneck top, and your old classic black heels. Curl up your hair, wear red lipstick, and get ready to shine all evening. 

Leather Gown

For all those ladies, who are looking for comfort, style, and warmth, leather gowns are the ultimate picks for holiday celebrations. I was confused about trying this on the thanksgiving eve, but, believe me; I was the show stopper of the evening. So, yeah! You could opt for a dress like this. Make sure it fits you from every angle and finish it up with the pair of sleek golden heels. A single thing that’s missing is a glass of vine in your hand, duh. 

A Blazer Dress

A sophisticated blazer dress is a free pick for the office Christmas parties. Choose one with flare sleeves and pair it up with the matching heels and go for a white look. If you’re the host and all your business friends are coming, there’s nothing better than a white winter dress to get ready on the day. You can make it more interesting with shimmery tights to add some shine and to keep yourself warm. 

Velvet Maxi Dress

Here, you can choose any color. Velvet is the symbol of shine and glamour. Whatever you select green, blue, red- it accentuates your entire presence in the evening parties. The invite is saying Merry Christmas, make it happy and colorful with red. A red velvet maxi dress will get you noticed at all the events coming this season. Pick statement earrings to finish your look and complete it with your classic pumps. 

So, these are some of the excellent picks for this festive season. Christmas, New year’s eve, and many other winter festivals are in the row. So, choose different looks for every party and live the fashionista in you. Also, keep it simple; keep it sassy!!!

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