The Best Healthy Cafes in London

The world is undergoing a food revolution. One in which eating out is no longer that carb overload cheat day of the eras bygone. Now, the shift is significant in terms of it being towards healthier cuisine.

Almost every cuisine can be had with some swapping out of ingredients. It doesn’t even any longer have to be just bland blanched and boiled food. You can now have anything that your heart desires, along while maintaining your resolution to remain healthy. 

London is at the epicenter of the UK’s changing food scene. So if you like the experience of going out and indulging yourself in a meal alone or with your loved ones, just browse through this list to find your next permanent haunt. 

The Good Life Eatery

It is next to impossible to not come across a dish by this eatery on Instagram. With their aesthetically pleasing food dishes and the great taste, they are a must-try for any health nut.

The pioneers of cold-pressed juice in London have taken London by storm and have opened in multiple locations throughout the city.

Once here, be ready to be blown away by their superfood salads and DIY bowls that taste as good as they look. Try their open-faced teriyaki salmon avocado sandwich for a real treat to your taste buds.

Wild Food Cafe 

Centrally located, Wild Food Cafe is a vegan’s paradise.  It has a raw centric theme with ingredients sourced locally as much as possible. This does not mean the food lacks any kind of flavor. Most dishes on the menu are bright and colorful, infused with creativity.

Burgers, sandwiches, drinks, and desserts. This place has an amalgamation of everything required for a hearty filling meal. If you’re near Covent Garden or Islington, make your way here for a satisfying meal.  

Once here, do not forget to try out the green burger with sweet potato wedges on the side.

Detox Kitchen 

Less of a restaurant and more of an upmarket deli, Detox Kitchen is the best place to be to grab a delicious lunch. All their dishes are devoid of any trace of wheat, refined sugar, and dairy. Their Soho branch goes a step further and features a downstairs fitness studio for the complete health nuts.

They have options ranging from salads, wraps to even smoothies.

Do not miss out on their banana bread with compote and COYO.

Wulf and Lamb 

With the slogan “Run with the wolves. Eat with the Lambs“, this place is situated in an unassuming corner on Sloane Square. Considered to be a cafe restaurant, it is a vegetarian’s dream. With almost the whole menu catered to be as kind to the planet as possible. 

The menu offers delicacies that range from Chilli’ Non’ Carne to the aromatic Thai curry served with sweet potato mash and finally fruit cheesecake(with the elimination of cheese).

If you’re going to try something, indulge in the Wulf Pie for a comforting and guilt-free experience.


The latest addition to the Nine Elms is the Linnaean. It is a focused health cafe, apothecary and beauty salon, all situated in one place. The inspiration behind the place is considered to be the Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus.

It is a beautiful space with every inch as Instagram as friendly as possible. The decor includes a flower ceiling, pastel pink bar seats, and hanging lights. 

Dishes, too, are like a work of art. Packed with superfoods and on-trend ingredients, this cafe believes in sustainability. The menu caters to every kind of diner out there vegan, gluten-free, or flexitarian. The choices are endless.

Must-try eats include Buddha bowls, Poke bowls, the super brunch, and homemade cocoa granola.


This is the health equivalent of a frozen yogurt station. A self serve format you go through vegetarian fuel-ling stations creating your own meal. This is an extremely dangerous undertaking as the items are priced by weight. Try stopping yourself from piling on the macaroni. It is more complicated than what it seems. 

 The dessert selection is also quite impressive with raw caramel flapjacks and walnut tart.

Do try everything when you’re here. Just be mindful of the weighing scale- quite literally.     

 Food is an experience, and it no longer has to be one-note or a compromise on your health. So, go explore your city, and I’m sure you can come out with a couple of surprising additions to this list.   

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