Learn How to Replace Your Pills With Plant Assisted Therapy

You’ll surely rush to get a medical marijuana card  right after reading this post. Medical cannabis has transformed the entire concept of medical practices. People are switching their daily dose of prescriptions with green medicine. But do you know why? Because finally, a substantial change is integrating the entire world into one unit. And the reason for this big change is marijuana. Goodness! We are living in an era where people are open to new things. Recently, many American states have legalized the use of medical pot. And believe it, no one is a fool to promote such a potent thing. If it’s getting the hype, it’s worthy of acclaim. 

It all started in California, and now people worldwide are drifting towards plant assisted therapy. The beauty of the method is that it’s more relaxing than you expect and more practical than you can imagine. If you’re the one who is looking for replacing your daily dose of pills, marijuana can help! This blog will help you in knowing the medicines you can substitute with pot. 

Pain-Relieving Pills

Body aches are common in this fast paced life. People are working from day to night, so it’s quite normal to feel pain. But, how people can be so blind towards pain killers is the primary concern. When people have pain, they generally take regular pain-killers known as NSAIDs. According to reports, these non-steroidal drugs lead to high blood pressure in you. And in any case, if you’re already a sufferer of blood pressure issues, pain-relieving tablets only make the condition worse. 

We could have taken a sigh of relief if things were confined to this only. Apparently, studies have declared that NSAIDs are a threat to your kidney and heart life. The more you devour these pain-relaxing drugs, the higher are the risks for kidney and heart failure. If we look at the situation precisely, approximately one-third of America’s populace is the victim of chronic pain. And the prescription drugs are not something a human body demands. You’ll be glad to know that medical pot has no side-effects. A regular dose of green medicine only relaxes your pain while other things remain still.

Sleeping Pills

With modernization, survival is getting difficult. People are running behind all the worldly things but sadly, not behind their health. According to stats, around 70 million public of the US is suffering from sleeping disorders. And about 4 percent of the total population is based on the insomnia pills for falling asleep every day. So, why daily sleeping pills are a problem? 

To begin with, sleeping medications are sedative-hypnotics. That means they directly kick the part of your brain, which is responsible for attentiveness. Also, these hypnotics carry GABA receptors that give you a relaxing feeling and eventually takes you to the rest of the bed. Maybe, you have got the answer. Basically, when your body gets used to sleeping pills, it starts showing the signs of “Parasomnia.” It’s a condition when you exhibit behaviors like sleep eating, sleepwalking, and sleep-sex. 

Fortunately, cannabis takes care of our mental and physical well-being. Studies claim that the CBD contents of pot induce a state of drowsiness and comfort. And right after consuming medical marijuana, we tend to sleep. And in fact, using medical weed has shown to increase the ability to focus and escalating the memory power. Just get your medical marijuana card online, and you can turn-on to the plant assisted therapy. 


According to TIME, around 16 percent of America’s population is taking regular antidepressant pills. In Spite of knowing the dangers that come with these pills, they are consuming it routinely. We understand that depression is incurable diseases, but taking prescription pills is no solution for sure. Also, we are not saying that prescribed medicines don’t reduce the signs of depression, but still, we can’t ignore the side-effects associated with them. Losing appetite or stress eating are common symptoms. The food that you eat also eventually concerns your overall physical and mental health.

Indeed, the most common problems triggered by antidepressant drugs are insomnia, blurred vision, and repetitive weight gain. So, if you calculate in total, it increases the chance of consuming more pills for sleeping and other health ailments. Whereas, marijuana helps in alleviating all the emotions of sadness. Moreover, studies have attested that CBD aids masses to get out of depression completely. And as mentioned earlier, it has no side-effects. It only works for uplifting your mood and making you happy. 

Anti-Anxiety Pills

There is plenty of evidence to confirm that pot consumption reduces the levels of stress in you. It can kill the anxiety in seconds, and the immediate ease you get right after ingesting it is exceptional. Experts at Washington State University previously published that smoking weed alleviates the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and stress. Even if you do it daily, it has no harmful implications on your overall health. 

The research is still undergoing on cannabis and anxiety. But, this is true that it has elements that can alter your mood and perceptions. And if we think about anxiety, it’s all related to fear and worries. Thankfully, we have cannabis to please our minds and boost our mental health. 


To conclude, there are ample reasons to support plant assisted therapy. But, when we consider pills, everything dis-favors their use. It has nothing to do with demonizing the prescription pills, but the truth always stands high in the crowd. No matter how impactful prescribed medicines are, they still have some drawbacks. In contrast, medical marijuana is a life-changing solution for all of us. No pain, no side-effects, no-addiction, all you enjoy is instant relaxation. So, interchange anti-health pills today with marijuana! 

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