Q. How often should hydrotherapy be given?

 A. Dependent upon the general conditions.  Whenever there is a sluggishness, the feeling of heaviness, oversleepiness, the tendency for an achy draggy feeling, then have the treatments.  This does not mean that merely because there is a daily activity of the alimentary canal there is no need for flushing the system.  But whenever there is the feeling of sluggishness, have the treatments.  It'll pick the body up.  For there is a need for such treatments when the condition of the body becomes drugged because of absorption of poisons through [the] alimentary canal or colon, sluggishness of liver or kidneys, and there is the lack of coordination with the cerebrospinal and sympathetic [autonomic] blood supply and nerves.  For the hydrotherapy and massage are preventive as well as curative measures.  For the cleansing of the system allows the body-forces themselves to function normally, and thus eliminate poisons, congestions, and conditions that would become acute through the body.  (E.C. 257-254)

1. Before a trip.  It is smart to start a trip refreshed and ready to fully enjoy it!

2. After a trip.  A vacation or business excursion can interfere with our natural patterns of behavior (eating, sleeping, etc.) which has a tendency to also interfere with the normal workings of our bowels.

3. After chiropractic adjustments or massage treatments.  This is a time when toxins are released into the lymph and need to be rushed out of the body as soon as possible.  Cayce advised colon cleansing so that spinal adjustments would "hold better."

4. When fasting or on a cleansing program.  Colonics help to prevent healing crises which are caused by too many toxins being released to be carried out by the body's normal channels of elimination.  Aches, nausea and fever are some of the reactions that can happen when toxins are stirred up too fast during a fast or cleansing.

5. During times of stress, injury or surgery (surgery upon advice of your physician).  These are times when the levels of toxins are dramatically increased in the body and need to be removed in order to speed healing.

6. When one is feeling "out of sorts."  Chronic fatigue, aches and pains, headaches, bad breath, body odor, sensitive eyes and nasal passages, tinnitus, and many other complaints can be relieved through colon hydrotherapy which creates a pathway for greater lymph drainage.

7. At the beginning of an illness (cold, flu, etc.).  Germs thrive in a filthy environment.  The quickest method of ridding the body of this polluted environment is through the use of this inner-cleansing technique.

8. Routinely (every three to six months) to stay in tip-top shape.