Reasons For Repeated Colonics

1. A series of colonics allows time to rehydrate old material, especially in deeper folds and pockets of the colon, for later removal.

2. When body is cleared of the day-to-day matter in the colon, not only are old layers exposed for rehydration, but the body has time to go into a quick "house cleaning" faze for a couple hours in which toxins from deeper body tissues (e.g. liver, lymph, lungs, central nervous system, etc.) can be eliminated.

3. Even when the colon finally removes all old waste matter that has been lodged in it for many years, colonics still have an electrical stimulating effect on nerve reflex points that affect all parts of the body.  Having a colonic is, therefore, like having a reflexology treatment and stimulates circulation and healing in the entire body.

4. Because of this, colonics will help heal the body by that very process of removing old impacted pockets that could be adversely affecting the nerve and blood flow to the corresponding reflex points in other parts of the body--organs, glands, muscles, etc.

5. A colonic also has much the same "energetic" effect as taking a shower.  Water has the unique ability to absorb stagnant and negative energy, washing it from the body.  Water has always seen as symbol of spirituality and cleansing.

6. When the colon becomes cleaner, oxygen and nutrients are absorbed much more quickly.

7. The duration of the cleanse protocol also gives one time enough time to develop and reinforce new lifestyle patterns eliminating those patterns that have may have caused or aggravated health issues to begin with.

8. Repeated colonics also have a wonderful effect of helping to reshape and retone the colon.  It is much like an exercise session for the colon so that it can eventually return as close to its original shape and function as possible.

9. And finally, repeated colonics prepare the way for the final step in the cleanse program, wherein a powerful colostrum/bifidus implant in a chlorophyll base is implanted into the colon to help reestablish a beneficial flora that can help fight and prevent the presence of bad bacteria that can be at the cause of many health conditions.

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