Our colonics may be the only colonics

in town free of fluoride!



--Important information; please read!--


There are only three ways to fully remove fluoride from water:
        1. Reverse osmosis
        2. Distillation
High-Grade Ozonation

The first two are cost prohibitive and would require large holding tanks and extra space to accomodate the 20 to 30 gallons per colonic session required.  Ozonation is the only feasible and cost effective method, but not with ordinary devicesómust be high grade.

To our knowledge, we are the only business doing ozonation by direct infusion into the inflow water of a highly concentrated "medical" grade, 100% oxygen/ozone mix into a "closed" system.  An open reservoir system with a simple water ozonator (using air with only 19%, at best, oxygen) would not be adequate because of the volume of water that would be going though the system and the inability of the ozonator to "keep up."

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