(The Missing Key to Health, Wellbeing & Spirituality?)

One of the first persons who talked about the need to alkalize the body was the great “Sleeping Prophet,” himself, Edgar Cayce.  No matter what the problem, Cayce would always refer to body detoxification with herbs, colonics, fasting, massage, steam baths and diet modification with the ultimate aim to alkalize the body.  Since his passing in 1945, there have been others, especially in “traditional” (alternative) medicine that have emphasized the same thing.

Fast foods, processed foods, cooked foods, junk foods all create acid waste in the body.  Heavy proteins and chemicals, too, result in a buildup of acids in the blood, lymph and tissues of the body.  Wrong food combining is also a culprit.  Most metabolic waste takes the form of an acid of one kind or another.  Even bad emotions result in metabolic acid waste products adding to our acid load.

Do you know that cold germs love acid “soil?”  They thrive and proliferate in an acid environment.  The same is true of bacteria and fungi.  They are opportunistic little beings that live on our acid waste products, creating new and different, and in some cases, more lethal chemicals that our body, in turn, has to scramble to get rid of.

Of course, all of the major pathways of elimination—the colon, the liver, the lymph, the kidneys, the skin, etc.—can become very “congested” in this effort, often resulting in many symptoms of poor health.  This is because of the body’s inability to quickly get rid of a backlog of acid buildup in the organs, muscles and tissues of the body.  The body just, in many cases, cannot keep up.  The immune system tries to come to the rescue by attempting to neutralize or “engulf” the problem at hand.  The immune system can, also, become overwhelmed which ultimately may result in chronic fatigue and depression, as well as an eventual breakdown of this system, as well.

Remember that any discomfort in the body— generalized aches, pains, burning, itching, etc.—can usually be traced back to an acid in the organs, tissues or muscles of the body.  Even negative emotional states can be traced to body toxicity that manifests as an acid condition.  Negative emotions—anger, hatred, rage, depression, etc., as mentioned before, can contribute to a build up of acids creating a “vicious” cycle.  Acidosis may effectively prevent or greatly hamper worldly achievement, but even more importantly, spiritual progress for the obvious of reasons.

The solution?  Alkalize thy body!  Just using this as a model or guide will put us on the right path as far as a good healthy diet to follow.  The reason for this is that we will be led to a diet emphasizing raw fruits and vegetables that just happen to be very alkalizing.  Drinking a lot of water will help, too, and we all know that drinking water is something we should do more of.  Meditation, walking, gentle exercise with deep breathing, listening to beautiful “calming” or uplifting music and practicing positive emotions and “forgiveness” can also result in a greater alkalinity in the body.  For those who are impatient, there are shortcuts.

One of the quickest ways to get the job done is to “open” up those “congested” pathways of elimination so the organs and tissues will have somewhere to drain.  Cleansing the colon with colonics and enemas; cleansing the liver with herbs, castor oil packs and liver flushes; cleansing the kidneys with herbs and water, etc. will all work very quickly to that end.  The new oxygen/ozone therapies work to burn the wastes and kill off the viruses, bacteria and fungi that help create them.  That is why they are so effective and widely used in Europe.

When you open and clear these major drains of your elimination system, the caustic acid wastes will find a quick exit giving you a wonderful sense of relief, newfound peace, energy, joy and wellbeing bearing the ultimate fruits of love and spirituality.  When you feel great, it is easy to “love thy neighbor.”

A book that will help identify a good diet to adopt is called Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody.  The name gives clue to the monumental importance of this, in most cases, overlooked task.  Just remember that when you cleanse your “temple,” your life will take on a new meaning.  You will be able to do what is truly our mission here on earth to do and that is to serve one another in a state of health, wellbeing and spirituality—and it is alkalinity that just may be the missing key we have been looking for.

Written by Myron T. Kenney

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